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SPUR's Sew Good Together

When we Sew Good Together, volunteers of all experience levels create unique cotton pillowcases that hold the gifts for Bundles of Cheer in the SPUR Holiday Cheer Drive.  The pillowcases lovingly made by volunteers do something a single-use gift bag cannot - they are a frequently needed item for many recipients and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill after the holiday season.  Our goal is to create 600 pillowcases during the year so that each Bundle of Cheer recipient receives a unique pillowcase to serve as a reminder of the support they have in their community when they go to sleep each night. 

Whether you are an experienced seamster or a novice with a needle, everyone is welcome to Sew Good.  Come along to share your skills or learn to measure, cut, iron, pin, or sew with us!

For those who prefer to sew at home, pre-pinned sewing kits with sewing instructions are available at the SPUR office.  Contact Director of Volunteer Engagement Bryan Lamoreau at to learn more.

Do you have extra quilting cotton to donate?  If so, please contact Bryan to coordinate dropping off this donation and our volunteers will turn it into pillowcases for this year's Holiday Cheer Drive.  

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