Sew Good Together

Annually, with the support of hundreds of sponsors, we provide meaningful gifts and winter essentials to over 600 local recipients facing hardship or experiencing homelessness. To do this, we need pillowcases and lots of them!  Sew Good Together are regular gatherings for volunteers of all experience levels to come together and create beautiful and unique pillowcases that hold all the gifts to create our Bundles of Cheer for the Holidays. During our SPUR Holiday Cheer Drive, each sponsor receives a wish list that includes items the recipient wants, needs, items to wear, and something to read all bundled up inside a pillowcase lovingly made by volunteers. Learn more about the Holiday Cheer Drive HERE.

If you are interested in joining us but have no experience with sewing - that's fine too! We have sewers that are happy to teach you the entire process, but also have many non-sewing tasks that are important to the process too like cutting fabric, sorting fabric, matching fabric, pinning fabric, and ironing lots, and lots of ironing!

If you are interested in getting involved by joining OR sewing pillowcases at home, please contact our Director of Volunteer Engagement, Bryan Lamoreau at