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SPUR encourages group involvement and volunteering. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, religious groups, youth groups, and all groups welcome! 

SPUR offers a variety of volunteer events designed to engage outside groups.  These activities can be done at your location or the SPUR offices. Contact Bryan Lamoreau, SPUR's Director of Volunteer Engagement, to learn more about volunteering with a group at one of our already existing volunteer opportunities. 

If your group is looking for a specific activity, date or time for your group, SPUR is happy to work with you on the arrangements for a donation to our organization.  Curated volunteer opportunities for your group start at $250.  The exact cost is determined based on the cost and labor connected with the volunteer opportunity. Contact
Bryan Lamoreau to discuss your specific needs. 

Interested in making volunteering a regular group activity?  Check out our Corporate tab to learn more about our tax deductible corporate giving and regular volunteer opportunities for sponsors. ​

To see all of our upcoming volunteer opportunities, click here.  

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