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This is a small list of possible projects.
Submitted applications should draw on the applicant's individual or group strengths and areas of interest.  
We cannot wait to see what inspires you to SPUR good deeds in the community.  


Social Awareness Campaigns:

The comic strip in school or town newspaper to combat bullying

Run workshops in your school to teach underclassmen the importance of safe and kind social media practices

Create Instagram videos to bring awareness to a cause



Create a lecture series to inspire specific areas of study, such as Girls in Engineering.  Identify and secure mentors within the area of study to speak as presenters and offer inspiration and an inside look at the field

Host a senior/freshman sports tournament (basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc) that helps underclassmen feel welcome

Create a program for children in after-school programs, with a particular area of focus, such as Science.  In each lesson, allow the children were able to learn about a different component of science through fun and intriguing experimentations.  Develop binders and other instructional tools so that the program can continue to carry on the lessons at the completion of the project

Develop a peer-to-peer workshop, such as one aimed at middle school-aged students on the negative effects of implicit bias

Implement a walk to school program organized by streets


Go Green:

Improve your school's recycling program- advocate for fewer plastic bottles, create a school compost, improve student recycling practices

Educated students and staff within your school about the benefits of composting with the aim of developing a permanent composting program   established in the kitchen and cafeteria 

Help your neighbors in need by offering to improve or maintain their yard

Work with your respective area conservation organization to repair trails, animal sanctuaries, or other outdoor spaces


Creative Kindness:

Sew fleece hats for the homeless

Knit baby hats for the NICU

Create personal care kits from personal size toiletries for area shelters

Make paper flower bouquets or other crafts for nursing homes

Collect and deliver assorted electronic chargers, such as phone or iPad, and deliver to the waiting rooms of area hospitals for individuals who find themselves waiting unexpectedly and with a dying battery

Create waiting room activity bags for children who are waiting to be seen or waiting for a family member at the hospital