"SPUR resonates with me because there are so many great ways you give back to our community. It provides opportunities for people to get involved and volunteer in their community, which also allows people to make connections with one another. There’s a lot of negativity in our world today, and SPUR focuses on the positives and strives to work on ways where we can all be involved in making our world a better place". Thank you, Stacey


"Good evening, I am calling to thank your organization for the wonderful help.  You really made the difference.  We cannot express the peace and comfort brought knowing we are not alone and someone is watching out for us, and strangers nonetheless.  It reminds us of the way things used to be when we were young.  We just simply cannot thank you enough".  Frank & Betty

"Dear SPUR, My family and I would like to give a sincere thank you to you and everyone else who has graciously donated to our family.  The amount of support and generosity we have been shown over the past few weeks is overwhelming.  Being able to leave my house without taking anything with me, yet still having everything I could possibly need for my child because of the donations I have received, truly makes this challenging time more bearable.  It is reassuring to know that organizations like SPUR exist, as well as people who genuinely want to help others.  The kindness I have witnessed from so many people willing to go out of their way to support my family has been so heartwarming.  If I can ever help with a charitable cause of any kind in the future, please let me return the favor.  Again, thank you so much for all of your time, hard work, and dedication".  Sincerely, Julie


"Hello there, I am just calling to thank you and extend our incredible gratitude for all the work you did for clearing our leaves and as I'm sure you can realize 2, 70 yr olds were not going to get that done and we are both retired and we couldn't afford to have it done. And if there is anything I can do for you, I cannot do anything physical because I have a lot of arthritis but I can drive a car and I would be happy to assist in that way or whatever else you can think of but thank you SOOOO much I just cannot tell you it wouldn't have got done and I cannot believe the mountain of bags in front of our house which hopefully the town will pick up (laughing) anyway thank you again, bye-bye".  Dennis


"I wish to thank the SPUR crew for the great job you did raking my leaves.  Your kind efforts were very much appreciated on this simple task I couldn't do.  Thank you again.  God bless you all and have a wonderful holiday".  Sincerely, Natalie


"Dear SPUR, In the darkness and difficulty of this winter, it is wonderful to find caring and helpful people like your organization.  I am truly grateful for your efforts in digging out my car"!  


"It is difficult to depend on others, but easy when they know of your needs. Again, many thanks"!  Sincerely, Bruce


"I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful help you've given me during these horrendous storms.  Being a recent widow, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Out of the blue, you were here doing a fabulous job digging me out. Just what I needed. I am ever so grateful".  Sincerely, Dorothy