We have been closely tuned in to the growing Covid-19 crisis. The urgency to flatten the curve is paramount and has left many in need of help to safely navigate the day, while others feel helpless yearning to assist. On top of it all, the isolation is taking a toll, we are not meant to be alone. We need community. As we continue to adjust to this situation we invite you to all join us in our efforts in building this needed community. 


The goal is to create a space for those who would like simply to call in via phone or smart device with video capabilities to connect a bit during the day. We could share about our day, favorite activity to pass the time, new recipe we tried, who knows - but we will grow deeper in community with one another during this time of physical disconnection. Everyone is welcome and it's been uplifting having a sense of community while apart. Whether you have 5 minutes to check in or want to join us for the entire hour, we look forward to seeing you!

Community Room Hours: 

M W F 11AM-12PM, 4PM-5PM 



OR CALL 646-876-9923 and dial Meeting ID 4498383344 when prompted. 



The intent of this form is to identify needs in our communities and meet those needs where possible. This could consist of walking a dog or grocery shopping for a person unable to leave their home, connecting with someone over the phone/virtually or something else that would benefit our community.  Fill out this form to request assistance from a volunteer with whom you will be paired OR if you are interested in volunteering to be of assistance.



There has been a lot of discussion about the use, and need for handmade face masks. You can read the CDC's most recent guidance here. With this said, we have a growing request from nurses, doctors, home healthcare workers and nursing homes pleading for volunteers to sew handmade masks with a pocket to accommodate a HEPA filter. As a result, we are supporting members of the community in sewing masks so that requestors can voluntarily pick them up from our office and use as they see fit based on best practices, CDC, state, and institutional guidelines at the moment.

For Beginner Sewers:

Written Instructions

Video Instructions (Not available but will add a new one shortly)

For Advanced Sewers:

Written Instructions

Video Instructions

These instructions for masks are the most commonly requested at this time. We have a limited amount of fabric available behind our office (6 Anderson St, Marblehead) if you need any. Elastic for the ears seem to be in high demand. If you don't have any we've seen people using hair rubber bands, or pulling elastic out of pants or sewing straps instead of ear loops. If you have a lot of elastic in your supply, please consider bringing some to the SPUR office and dropping off in the bins for others to use.

Important: Please do not sew if you have any symptoms of illness. Please wash and dry on hot (to shrink) the fabric before sewing. Sanitize in a 1/3 C bleach / 1 G water solution, rinse and dry when completed before putting into a clean bag and dropping off to bins at our office.


We have a collection of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) such as gloves, face masks/shields, gowns, bleach and sanitizer. We are also collecting 100% cotton fabric for those sewing masks, in addition to plastic twist ties, pipe-cleaners or other bendable wire for the nose and elastic or string for the ears or behind the head.  We expect this list to grow, and we will update this page as needed.*

*Collection bins are a public surface. Adhere to CDC guidelines for washing hands before and after touching bins when picking-up/dropping-off items in order to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19.


While things are challenging, they are not impossible. Giving is a big part of helping, as is volunteering. We are deeply encouraged by the fact that our mission of cultivating a Community of Doers, is even more relevant in times like these. Our community is strong, and we have confidence that together we will help each other see this through and somehow, the financial support will come in to sustain our work, which not only directly impacts the community year-round, but is a growing resource during this increasing global crisis. 

Your support is vital to our survival. Donate now.